Amp Repair Services

SA Ampworks aims to offer a straight forward, no nonsense service for amp repair. Please contact us with any queries, questions or problems you may have by clicking here and we'll respond as soon as possible

We provide a wide variety of repair services for all amplifier brands, some of which are listed below

Services include:

  • Amp restoration service
  • We can strip down your amp and rebuild it to original specifications so you can achieve an original "straight from the factory" sound

  • Foot pedal repair service
  • We repair current and vintage guitar effects pedals/units i.e tape echos, reverbs, vibrato units etc

  • Sourcing rare and vintage valves
  • We can source rare and vintage valves for virtually any amplifier. Brands include Mullard, Brimar, Marconni, RCA, GCE and many more

  • Sourcing/fitting/repair of speakers
  • We can source, fit and repair current and vintage speakers for any amp including Jensen, Oxford, Celestion, JBL and many more

  • Circuit diagnostics and repair
  • We can perform diagnostics and repair work on virtually any amplifier type

  • Amp biasing and setups
  • We can bias your amp to optimise the performance of the valves for a better sound and valve life expectancy

  • Vintage valve/solid state Hi-Fi and PA amps
  • We can provide servicing, repair and rebuild work to your requirements

  • PAT testing services
  • We can provide PAT safety checks and certification to ensure compliance with venue safety policies

The above list is just some of the services we provide, please contact us with any questions you may have regarding your amp as we are a very flexible company and want our clients to get maximum satisfaction from their equipment